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ASSTR Author Account Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for an ASSTR Author Account, which allows you to share stories with the world and access many services to help you write your best. If you have not already done so, please read the Account Overview Information page before submitting an account application.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the application below. We will review your application and process it within 24 hours.

  1. Pen Name

    Please specify your pen name (the name by which you write) as you wish it to appear on the authors page on the ASSTR web site.

  2. Email Address

    Note: This will be kept confidential. It will never be displayed on any web page ASSTR generates (such as the authors list), thus helping to maintain your privacy and minimize spam in your inbox.

  3. User ID

    Choose a user ID that you will use to login to your ASSTR author account. Your user ID must be between 5 and 20 characters.

  4. Password

    Retype for confirmation

    Note: Passwords must between eight (8) and twenty (20) characters (inclusive). Please choose a password that will be reasonably difficult for a hacker to guess.

  5. Story Codes/Categories (optional)
    If most of the stories you write fall under certain themes, you can provide those story codes here to make it easier for readers to find you and your stories.

  6. A Bit About Yourself (optional)
    The ASSTR administration encourages authors to post a profile containing a short bit of information about themselves. This gives readers browsing the list of authors at ASSTR a bit of insight into you and your work. If you choose not to fill out any profile information at this time, you can always fill it out later, but putting something down now will help ensure you don't forget. If you would like to browse other authors' profiles to get some ideas of what you may wish to write, click here.

  7. Contact Link on Authors List

    Choose yes if you would like an "E-mail" link displayed with your entry on the authors list. This will allow others to contact you by submitting a form while keeping your email address private (unless you choose to reply to the message).

  8. Weekly Download Reports

    Choose "Yes" if you would like a report emailed to you weekly listing the number of times each of your stories were viewed that week.

  9. Where did you hear of us?
    We like to know who's helping our cause, so if you would, please tell us where you first heard about ASSTR or who referred you to us. If your reference is another web site, please provide a link if possible.

  10. Essay (MANDATORY)
    Please share something interesting with us. Write a few sentences (or more) about what's on your mind, which could include anything from your favorite joke to why you'd like an ASSTR account to what kind of stories you write. You could also share your favorite recipe(s) or any thoughts you have about your pet(s), significant others, and/or family. Your comments help indicate that you are alive, coherent, a human being, and serious about posting your work to ASSTR.

  11. Human Verification

By using the ASSTR site in general, and specifically by submitting this application, you are indicating you have read and agree to the ASSTR Terms and Conditions.

Additionally, without ASSTR's express prior approval, you must not and may not submit this application if you are affiliated with and/or employed by and/or reporting to any company, business, agency, firm, or proprietorship dealing with the sale of erotic material, including, but not limited to erotic literature, erotic stories, sex stories, or otherwise erotic text without the prior approval of the ASSTR Administration.

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